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Imagine a life where there is no worry, we are surrounded by energetic, cooperative friends; help required to succeed is at our arms length. We are smart enough to gain absolute financial stability to become free to do our work as per our passion. Peoples believing it as possible materialising their dream to reality in short span of time and enjoying good time to feel life is beautiful.

 As student we want best thing to happen with us, we want best result, best college, teacher and friends. When we come out of regular studies we want best job ambience, growth in working life and after all smart salary to meet our desire. As an entrepreneur we search for giving solution in smart way to meet peoples expectation. As a parent we want our children to have a disciplined life to realise education & health directly linked to success.

Initiative to start this new column "from editor desk" is a small step of selfstudy.in  to make you realise life is beautiful journey, lets enjoy this journey.

Thanks & Regards
Editor desk.